As home stagers, we work with real estate agents and home sellers – rarely do we ever talk with the buyers of the homes we stage.  We know the sellers and should vacant homes be staged for sale?agents love the look of the staged home (they hired us – of course they are prejudiced!).

But what do home buyers think?

  • Do they think it is manipulative?
  • Make them suspicious that the sellers are “hiding” something”?

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to meet does home staging work for Oregon homes?several of the buyers of the properties that have sold.  They are contacting us because they love the furniture and want to purchase it or find out where to buy items similar.

One home buyer shared this story with me –

When our agent showed us this house we didn’t like it at all and knew it wasn’t for us.  It was beautiful, but didn’t appeal to us.

Does staging add value in 2011?It was not a house we wanted to consider.

When they first toured, it was white glove clean, like new and vacant.  The floors and custom features of the home are fantastic!  With spacious rooms, you would think it would show well.

Corvallis Oregon professional home stagingThe house was staged and they saw the new photos online while they were continuing their house hunt.  The new photos intrigued them and they came to view the home again.

When we saw the house staged, we couldn’t home staging by Creative Conceptsbelieve it was the same house. 

The house had a totally different “feel” and atmosphere.

We loved how it looked and knew we could make it work for us!

We never would have bought this home if we hadn’t seen it staged.

master bath staged by Creative Concepts Salem OregonYou might think “these people have no imagination”!  They must be young and inexperienced.  They were older than 60 I’m sure and had bought and sold many homes.

I know the home seller was skeptical about investing in staging – seriously wondering if it was just throwing money away.  Now happy with his choice to stage, he knows the staging costs were minor and key component of selling this beautiful Corvallis home.  If he hadn’t staged this home it could possibly still be on the market!

We’ve heard similar reactions from other buyers – having a home that appeals to a broad number of buyers in2011 leads to offers!  I confess, I see lots of bad staging – most that is done by non-professionals or sellers.  Want buyers to think your home is beautifully staged?

  • Avoid having a home look too “cheesy” when staging.  I don’t know many people that have trays with champagne glasses on their beds — this always looks odd to me.  Perhaps a laptop and a book!
  • Quality furnishing and decor give a quality look.  We don’t shop at used thrift shops and if you are staging, neither should you.
  • Don’t strip the home “bare” because it will appear too stark and not homey.
  • A Professional Home Stager’s consultation is affordable and can set you in the right direction so your home has the atmosphere it needs to get sold!

Want more ideas on how to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar? Margaret Oscilia is a Professional Home Stager serving Salem Oregon and surrounding areas who specializing in helping home sellers “stage to sell” or “re-design to live well”.

Moving or improving? Creative Concepts-Home Staging and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

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When selling your home, every square foot is valuable — but what if buyers can’t see the value in each area? Statistics show that 80% of home buyers cannot see the potential of rooms – only what they see.  That’s a scary statistic if you are selling a home that is less than perfect!

Recently we staged a Corvallis Oregon home which had a less than desirable floor plan.  Or so it seemed upon first glace by home buyers.  This home was vacant and showed very poorly.  A confusing floor plan can often be remedied by professional home staging.

This huge master bathroom had no shower, was stark white and looked like a huge waste of space.

This space was off the living room and was a walk through space which accessed two additional bedrooms. Since there was already a family room, people had no ideas on how to use the space. The wood stove sits in the center of the room, and there are three doorways causing additional challenges.

We obtained a bid on the cost to add a shower to this room. Potential buyers nearly always overestimate remodeling costs, so having the costs prepared for them is a good home selling tool. To make the room more appealing, we rotated the storage cabinet to the wall on the left and added a bench. We added some color with towels, valances, and art.

A screen and candles in the tub area added some much needed color and interest for this unusual space.

By showing potential uses for this "walk thru" area, it had new value for home buyers. Space for a desk and laptop, game table or reading area is something every family can relate to now that it is spelled out for them!

This home had been previously on the market and generated very little interest and no offers.  It received multiple offers once it was staged (and sold in less than a week).   When selling your home, make sure it is prepared to beat the competition!  Prepare to show off every amenity and square inch of your home so buyers will see the value of your home – not comparable listings!

Creative Concepts and Contracting loves being part of the solution in getting homes sold in Salem Oregon and surrounding areas.  Our mission is to educate home sellers on the importance of preparing to sell and obtain great results!

Utilize our expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.


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