Many will think that poorly prepared listings are a rare case, but unfortunately I rarely see listing photos that couldn’t be improved.

Home sellers count on real estate professionals to advise them on how to sell their homes the quickest, for the least hassle, and for the most money. Some agents are afraid to:

  • hurt feelings or make their sellers uncomfortable,
  • don’t want to spend the time needed to fully explain what needs to be done to prepare the home for sale,
  • lack faith in the ability of their seller to improve the property,
  • are naive on the nuances of home selling psychology and marketing at it’s finest,
  • underestimate the power of photos in his market where 90% of home buyers are shopping for homes on the internet!

Gotta love this example from a fellow blogger:

Via Alan May, Coldwell Banker Evanston Realtor®, Evanston Real Estate (Evanston Condos, Evanston Homes, North Shore Homes):

How do you prepare a home for a quick sale? YES, this is a property currently for sale on our MLS.  When it popped up on my screen it actually made me “gasp”.

Most properties could benefit from a decluttering, or a stager… but this property… I think it may be beyond staging or decluttering.  I think this one may call for an Exorcism.cluttered rooms will not attract home buyers

There isn’t a surface that doesn’t have “something” hanging on it, or from it.  There isn’t an uncovered surface. It’s literally a cacophany of colour and junk.

I can’t believe that the agent listing this property allowed these photos to be taken, let alone published on the MLS.

Perhaps, in defense of the agent, the place looked much worse before the photos and the agent thinks that NOW it looks so much better… “You should have seen the junk that she got outta this house!”Listing photos are the key to attracting home buyers

Do you think these photos show the property to its best advantage?  Do you think it does the property a good service, and will help it sell?how to stage a room for sale?

Yikes!!  It makes me think that Linda Blair must live here. As you cross the threshold, the walls will begin bleeding and a disembodied voice will quietly cry… “Get out” (oh, wait… that was the Amityville Horror).

Oh, well… they’re both appropriate here. I think this is enough to make the average stager cry.


Selling your home?  If your photos aren’t fabulous be prepared to have a lower selling price or a very long wait in this real estate market!

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Sometimes a home with a great floor plan and location can go unnoticed on the MLS . . . especially if the photos don’t show it as an inviting and special home.

attention - living room before

A few changes can make a dramatic difference and create that all important favorable first impression!

By re-arranging the furniture, adding some decor and pillows the room no longer looked dated and tired – but inviting and contemporary!

attention - living room after

A room that isn’t used for it’s original purpose, such as this dining room –

attention - dining room before

Can be confusing to buyers and won’t create an inviting image — one that speaks of family dinners and a cozy haven.

attention - dining room after

And even bathrooms can leave a significant impression.  One of disorder and lack of space . . .

attention - bathroom before

Or one that speaks volumes about a quality lifestyle that these walls hold.

attention - bathroom after

How much is it worth to you to have an updated look for your listing on the internet and in person?

attention - master before

attention - master after

This realtor paid for a staging consultation for her clients.

Through our do-it-yourself checklist and a few items from our accessory rental this great updated look was achieved.

If your home lacks appeal and is not making the best impression in photos, it’s time to make sure your listings are attention ready with the help of Creative Concepts and Contracting – a full service home staging company in Salem, Oregon.

Whether it’s a full remodel or help with a paint color choice, we can help you achieve the look you love!