What does love have to do with home buying?  You may think not much, but bear with me — after all it’s almost Valentine’s Day!

We were hired by investors to stage a beautiful vacant home.  This home features  new construction with great colors and finishes and the master bedroom was spacious.   The house looked wonderful, but wasn’t much different than the dozen other homes that are for sale in this neighborhood.

Until the staging was complete that is.  Wow . . .  now I love this room! (There is a darling seating area on the other side of the room that I couldn’t capture in this photo.)

I’m not the only one. I was in another room as agents saw the bedroom for the first time.  They said “Oh wow look at this bedroom!  I LOVE it!”

Consider this:  The average home buyer tours at least 10 homes before making an offer.

  • Some homes will be remembered because they were too cluttered or dirty.
  • Some will be remembered for their pet smells.
  • Some will be remembered for their decor that was so different than what “felt homey” to the potential buyers
  • and many will be forgotten – especially if vacant — because empty rooms are hard to visualize with furniture and all start to look the same.

In this real estate market, we know falling in love with a home leads to offers!  Make sure your home is lovable — not just to your family but to potential buyers too!

Happy Valentines Day!

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I’ve never been one you’d consider lucky.

Never found four leaf clovers . . .

always lost my rabbits foot . . .

and never had a special lucky number.

Usually when I wished on the wishbone – I didn’t win.

But I’ve decided I’ve finally found my lucky charm!

We didn’t realize it was special when we bought it– but it must be a lucky charm and was worth every penny!

My lucky charm has to be the new furniture we bought.

Sound like an odd lucky charm?  Good thing I don’t have to carry it around with me in my purse!  It must be LUCKY because in the three houses we’ve used it in, each has sold in record time.

First house – on the market for seven months – staged and under contract within seven days

Second house – on the market six months – staged and received an accepted offer within two days.

Third house – on the market five months – staged and received an offer within five days.

Looks like rather ordinary furniture to me — but what else could be causing these listings to receive offers in a “slow” market?

Since the house this furniture is in has received an offer already it looks like it will be moving on soon.

We have a couple of jobs lined up but I’ve been thinking that maybe I should use this lucky charm furniture in a really special house —

Hope it’s one that continues this incredible tradition!

We feel honored to partner with many great real estate agents who have been instrumental to getting these homes sold so quickly.  These homes weren’t repossessions, short sales or way under market.  These homes that were prepared well, priced well and looked fantastic compared to the competition!

Home staging is a magical part of getting a home noticed in any market.  For more information on how to rent this lucky furniture or to get a few secret staging tips contact Creative Concepts and Contracting at 503-881-0886!

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With a little magic, vacant rooms can come alive and show buyers the full potential on the internet and in person.  Here’s a quick snipit of a job we completed yesterday. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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