Sometimes a home with a great floor plan and location can go unnoticed on the MLS . . . especially if the photos don’t show it as an inviting and special home.

attention - living room before

A few changes can make a dramatic difference and create that all important favorable first impression!

By re-arranging the furniture, adding some decor and pillows the room no longer looked dated and tired – but inviting and contemporary!

attention - living room after

A room that isn’t used for it’s original purpose, such as this dining room –

attention - dining room before

Can be confusing to buyers and won’t create an inviting image — one that speaks of family dinners and a cozy haven.

attention - dining room after

And even bathrooms can leave a significant impression.  One of disorder and lack of space . . .

attention - bathroom before

Or one that speaks volumes about a quality lifestyle that these walls hold.

attention - bathroom after

How much is it worth to you to have an updated look for your listing on the internet and in person?

attention - master before

attention - master after

This realtor paid for a staging consultation for her clients.

Through our do-it-yourself checklist and a few items from our accessory rental this great updated look was achieved.

If your home lacks appeal and is not making the best impression in photos, it’s time to make sure your listings are attention ready with the help of Creative Concepts and Contracting – a full service home staging company in Salem, Oregon.

Whether it’s a full remodel or help with a paint color choice, we can help you achieve the look you love!

These homes suffered from a colorful past – and when corrected the results were astounding.  You’ve seen these homes – ones that are in a dated hue, are too personal or bold.  90% of home buyers are looked first on the internet for real estate in 2009.  When preparing a home for sale, it’s time to hide those wild colors!

Color – it can transform a room from cool to warm, serene to vibrant, stark to cozy.  We love color and the affordable and huge impact it can make.  It can make a huge “wow” when everything comes together well and the colors are perfect, but when the colors aren’t “quite right” or show as dated or too personalized buyers will be turning to more attractive hues!

kitchen before painting

This home lingered on the market for far too long.  We provided a staging consultation and convinced (yes it was a hard sell) the sellers to paint the kitchen.  Multiple offers were received and both the agent and seller were convinced the painting and staging were key to this success!

kitchen painted shows beautifully

While we loved the paint job on this bonus room – it was far too personal to entice most home buyers that may not have toddlers who loved Elmo!  By painting a neutral color and staging it as an office, it has a broader appeal

bonus room redesign

bonus room neutralized

This living room’s color was also a road block in attracting a buyer’s attention!

living room remodeling done affordably

affordable living room remodel

This neutral tone is anything but dull!

dining room before home staging

I loved this dining room color – and so did the home sellers!  However, it did make the room seem smaller and darker, and it may not appeal to many home buyers. After repainting, buyers will focus on the beautiful back yard view, bay window and spacious room – not the room color!

home staging performed by Creative Concepts and Contracting

We love homes with colorful pasts – here’s a sneek preview of a few we’re working with . . .

color consultations are a great investment!

paint and wallpaper recommendations

wallpaper removal is easy!

Don’t let your home’s colorful past effect the marketability to a broad buyer base! Most potential buyers do not have the ability to envision your home with an updated palette, and will always assume repainting is more work than it really is. Statistics show that buyers want move in ready and are willing to pay more for homes that don’t require repairs and updates.

Contact a professional home stager to get the right color the first time and make sure your new look is one that helps your home project a beautiful future.

Moving or improving? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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Santa baby . . . I keep telling you . . . I’ve been a very good girl.

When you zip down the chimney this year can we work on a few things?  No you don’t need to load your pack with that ’54 convertible, (light blue), this year . . .

I’ve got a few other things in mind.

Please help me get:

  • New paint colors that look right – the first time please
  • A new look for my living room without spending a ton of $$
  • A de-cluttered and peaceful home to welcome me
  • An closets and drawers that stay organized
  • A bedroom that says “retreat” when I walk in the door.

Now Santa – I don’t mean to sound picky or ungrateful for other gifts I’ve received.  I use the vacuum I received last year and am especially appreciative.  And the sweater I know will fit if I just get to the gym more in 2010.

But this year – I really don’t need more.  I need to know how to use what I have and want  to make my home look better.  These white walls need to go.  But I’m fearful I’ll end up with a “pinky” beige.

Somehow I’d like to make my furniture look newer, the room seem sleeker and have a more contemporary “feeling” but still be one that is comfortable for my family.  You can do that can’t you Santa?

So please Santa – let’s go “green” this year.  I was wrong!  I don’t need the sable or the convertible – just help me redecorate my home. A home that looks like those in the magazine – you know the look I love!

A new year is coming — I’d like to spend it in a home that feels special to me and my family, but don’t have time to get it done.  I need some magical help to achieve it.  Where do I start?  Where do I shop?  How can I possibly pull it all together without breaking the bank?


Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight

Dear Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight,

After reading your letter I’ve decided it’s easier to deliver that ’54 convertible (light blue).  Asking me to help you pick out paint colors is a HO HO HORRIBLE idea.  I like Red and White . . . never thought about beige!

I could use a little help in organizing the workshop and maybe Mrs. Claus would want a new look for our home as well.

I’ve heard rumors of a company that specializes in this type of magic — they call it home staging and room redesigns – all sounds confusing to me.  But I see they know how to:

  • pull together a great look on a budget
  • recycle and use what you have
  • make sure your paint choices look great (hey they even know about carpet, tile, lighting and other updating suggestions)!
  • update your home so it’s not only beautiful but functional too

They’ll help you decide on a look you’ll love and make it work for your family and provide as little or as much help you need to get the job completed!

Maybe if you’re really a good girl you’ll be seeing a gift certificate for a room redesign in your stocking this year!



Thinking you need a fresh look for 2010? Have a room that just doesn’t have a look you love?  Learn how to make your home a haven with a room redesign consultation!  A special gift that lasts for years!

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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elephant - pic 1

Doesn’t this home look lovely? We certainly think so.  It’s in a good neighborhood and marketed well — so when we met with the owners to discuss staging, the first floor gave us the impression it would be a fun and easy project!  Great architecture to highlight — hoorah!

The first floor was lovely — then we headed to the basement.  The realtor advised us that at open houses people actually gasped when they went down the stairs . . . it was a surprise as the open staircase revealed . . . an open room with a jacuzzi tub.

elephant - pic 2

Here is the first blog I did on this project for with all the before photos.  The budget was minimal, and the owners already relocated . . .

elephant - pic 3

Now when you walk down the stairs, the view is an inspiring site, rather than a shocking one. The tub looks as though it belongs in this private retreat.  No more gasps, but it became an area where people lingered during the last open house.  But don’t take our word for it — here is what one of the listing agents wrote on her Facebook: 

“So, After months of relatively slow showings (like much of Salem’s housing market) our listing has had a flurry of interested and impressed buyers. Furthermore, at the Open House yesterday, prospective owners of this great home were overheard to be “oooing & aahing” as they strolled from room to room. Still, there is more…another showing scheduled for today!!!”

We additionally armed the agent with a contractor estimate of how much the expense would be to change the floor plan to a more convention one — which is more affordable than most buyers would imagine.

When hiring a staging professional — make sure their talents can take your uninspiring areas to ones that impress and woo buyers!

Professional home stagingCreative Concepts and Contracting offers professional home staging and contracting to the Willamette Valley areas of Oregon.  Providing innovative ideas that appeal to buyers is our specialty!  The investment in staging is always less than a price reduction!  Licensed/Bonded and Insured

Thinking about putting your home on the market?

prepare to sell your home

Do you think people will understand that you are getting ready to move and see past your “stuff”?

pro - 2

We all live busy lives and when you’re getting ready to move its hard to keep things spotless

does it really make that much difference if there is a little clutter or things lying around?

pro - 3

Will serious buyers be able to see the room sizes,

features and the beautiful amenities your home has to offer?

pro - 4

Can’t they see the potential of this fabulous home that is so spacious?

Do you think it’s a waste 0f your time and money on to think about home staging?

Hoping that you can list your home “as is” and everything will be just fine??


With more homes on the market buyers can be choosy and most look first on the internet —

your home won’t even get a viewing appointment if it doesn’t look great in photos!

pro - 5

pro - 6

Not only can buyers not look past your “stuff”, but they will remember it — and not your home!

If you are preparing your home for sale – remember that the first impression is the only impression!

These before photos were taken when we provided a staging consultation for a busy family who was preparing to move.

They were motivated and did everything we advised.  Home staging goes beyond cleaning and decluttering – our advice also addressed the important first impression, room flow, lighting and much much more!

When we returned a week later, we brought some decor items which they rented from our staging company.

Furniture was rearranged,

some art and decor added

and now the sparkling clean home was ready to list!

This specific home was in a subdivision with over 25 competing properties.

It sold in 26 days with an excellent offer.

pro - 7

Home staging highlights the amenities and shows your home in a beautiful way!

pro - 8

A professional home stager will provide you solid advice, furniture and decor rental and less stress in the process.

Home staging consultations,

color consultations,

model homes and

rental furniture, decor and art

— what is it that will help your home compete in a buyers market?

We’ve got some ideas for you!

Creative Concepts and Contracting to prepare to sell professionally and successfully!

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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Many people believe that home staging only applies to high end or custom homes.  Regardless of sales price, staging can help a home sell quicker and for more $$.

Nearly 90% of all home buyers look first on the internet for homes.  It’s a proven statistic that listings with photos get more views online.  Photos are key to marketing properties in all price ranges.

How compelled would you be to make an appointment to visit this home?

living room before home stagingdinette before home stagingbathroom before home stagingmaster before home staging

Or maybe this home might be more interesting to see?

living room after room redesign by Creative Concepts and Contractingdinette after room redesign by Creative Concepts and Contractingbathroom after home staging by Creative Concepts and Contractingmaster after staging by Creative Concepts and Contracting

Same house – whole new appeal!

This homeowner chose a budget conscious redesign staging option using items they owned.  Some rented decor from our inventory adds appeal in person and photos.

Looking for ideas on how to improve your room? Creative Concepts and Contracting specializes in adding VaVoom for every room.  Whether you’re moving or improving – home staging can help achieve the look you love!

Staging consultations are one of my favorite aspects of being a home staging and redesign specialist.  Why?  It brings so much hope and direction to a home seller!

Most sellers, especially in this market, have a specific reason for selling – whether it is to relocate, wanting to upgrade to a nicer home, or perhaps a change in family status.  The stress of putting a home on the market can be reduced significantly by obtaining specific and detailed information on how to prepare for the best offer and quickest sale.

How we live in our homes, and how we present our houses for sale are two very different things.

  • We personalize our homes – create a warm and comfortable environment for us.
  • We present a house for sale – showing it as an inviting palate for someone else to paint their life story upon – a neutralized and wonderful environment to become their home!
  • Price will bring people to view a home, having a home well prepared or “staged” will get the offers.  Buyers shop logically and purchase emotionally!

A staging consultation provides the easiest way to transform a beloved home into a fantastic house for sale!

expect- bedroom before staging

So what can you expect from a staging consultation?

expect - bedroom after staging

  • Honest and straightforward evaluation of your home’s appeal – inside and out.
  • A detailed list of free and low cost recommendations you can implement yourself – specific advice on decluttering, lighting, traffic flow and more are addressed.
  • Help on prioritizing what needs to be done and an action plan so it is not overwhelming.
  • Advice on updating and repairs that will give you the best return on your investment – what’s the best paint color and sheen, is it best to give a carpet allowance, what about that lovely wallpaper in the bathroom?
  • Product and vendor expertise – years of personal experience with products and contractors gives you the peace of mind and success.
  • Reasonable Cost – Staging consultations are affordable and this small investment will help any home sell quicker and frequently for more money.
  • A partner in helping you achieve success – our business is built upon delighted home sellers who have allowed us to team with them and recommend us to others
  • Amazing results – Best said by a realtor recently upon viewing their listing where we provided a consultation “OH MY GOSH!  My jaw hit the floor!  I cannot believe this is the same house . . . .”
  • Fun – We love our work!  Our ideas provide confidence and less stress and we like to think we are fun to work with too!

Professional home stagingCreative Concepts and Contracting specializes in home staging services.  From model homes, color consultations, or licensed/bonded/insured contractor services!  Contact us for expertise with your prepare to sell needs!