Home Selling? That faux has got to go!

Last week a local blog (Desperately Seeking Salem) advised:

“you will want to read this local business’s excellent blog about what it does to make messes into eye candy.”

Neutral colors appeal to home buyers

Eye candy . . . mmmmmm.  I like it!

While it’s not a description I’ve ever used when describing interior design or home staging ideas, I think it’s a perfect description of our business!

If you’re wanting to:

create a home that makes you smile when you enter the door


a house that is appealing to buyers,

changing those messes into eye candy can be easy and affordable!  It’s just knowing how and what to improve – and that’s our speciality!  This recently staged home is a perfect example.

This above faux paint job screamed 1990 when you walked into this beautiful master suite.  Painted over by the owners for less than $20, a few colorful towels and decor — now it looks like an asset, not a “to do” project.

When choosing wall colors, always take into consideration the flooring color!

In the great room, the wall color was beautiful, the flooring neutral, but these two colors did not go well together.

Especially a problem when the room is vacant because it gives buyers the feeling of “why doesn’t this home say welcome”?

Ever enter a room and it just doesn’t “feel” right?

Furniture and decor adds warmth to vacant rooms

By adding some contemporary decor and furniture, the focus was now on how the space could be used! The room now was warm and inviting from the first impression.

This home was on the market for about a year and a half before we were called for a staging consultation.

Located in Albany, Oregon where the average days on market are 142 and 11 months of inventory are currently listed, the odds were against this home in getting a quick sale – even if the owners implemented each of our recommendations.

We met and armed them with a detailed “to do” list, which they implemented within a week.  We the returned, providing a basic home staging package of furniture and decor.

An offer was received in two days.

It’s always hard to resist candy — even if it is just eye candy!

What can you do to make your space irresistible?

Maximizing every home’s potential within the home owner’s budget is always the goal of Creative Concepts – Home Staging and Contracting.  Margaret Oscilia, Professional Home Stager, specializes in redesigning spaces and preparing homes to sell. 

Weary of hearing that its a “buyer’s market”?  We agree it is a highly-competitive real estate market with a huge inventory of homes competing for buyers.   If you’re looking for a sale does it need to be at a low-ball price or waiting for offers for months?

We’ve had more and more calls from home sellers asking us

“What else can we do to attract buyers to our home . . . we know we can continue slashing the price, but there must be something more we can do?!”

Cleaning, decluttering and staging continue to be the best investments a seller can make their home attractive to buyers.  Home staging is far more than pretty towels and fluffy pillows!

Sellers have tremendous power to significantly improve the value of their homes. We’ve said repeatedly — you can’t change the market, your location or the competition . . . you CAN change the presentation your home makes when it enters the real estate market.  In a market where fewer homes are selling, ensuring that the home is prepared well gives you a significant advantage!

Next Thursday we’ll be speaking for the Mid Valley Chapter of WCR.   We’ll be sharing our top tips and tricks on making homes show ready!

  • What improvements give the best return on investment?
  • Incorporating hot decorating ideas into plain homes to give them pizzazz (affordably too!)
  • Easy and Inexpensive updates homeowners can do (and the products that make them a snap)
  • Staging and Photography Tips
  • Tips on Helping Your Client Understand the “Prepare to Sell” Process (and do more than you ask for!)

Have a few listings that need some inspiration? Come join this fun group — (you don’t have to be a member) and you’ll be leaving with some new ideas to pass along to your home sellers.

Moving or improving? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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