As home stagers, we work with real estate agents and home sellers – rarely do we ever talk with the buyers of the homes we stage.  We know the sellers and should vacant homes be staged for sale?agents love the look of the staged home (they hired us – of course they are prejudiced!).

But what do home buyers think?

  • Do they think it is manipulative?
  • Make them suspicious that the sellers are “hiding” something”?

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to meet does home staging work for Oregon homes?several of the buyers of the properties that have sold.  They are contacting us because they love the furniture and want to purchase it or find out where to buy items similar.

One home buyer shared this story with me –

When our agent showed us this house we didn’t like it at all and knew it wasn’t for us.  It was beautiful, but didn’t appeal to us.

Does staging add value in 2011?It was not a house we wanted to consider.

When they first toured, it was white glove clean, like new and vacant.  The floors and custom features of the home are fantastic!  With spacious rooms, you would think it would show well.

Corvallis Oregon professional home stagingThe house was staged and they saw the new photos online while they were continuing their house hunt.  The new photos intrigued them and they came to view the home again.

When we saw the house staged, we couldn’t home staging by Creative Conceptsbelieve it was the same house. 

The house had a totally different “feel” and atmosphere.

We loved how it looked and knew we could make it work for us!

We never would have bought this home if we hadn’t seen it staged.

master bath staged by Creative Concepts Salem OregonYou might think “these people have no imagination”!  They must be young and inexperienced.  They were older than 60 I’m sure and had bought and sold many homes.

I know the home seller was skeptical about investing in staging – seriously wondering if it was just throwing money away.  Now happy with his choice to stage, he knows the staging costs were minor and key component of selling this beautiful Corvallis home.  If he hadn’t staged this home it could possibly still be on the market!

We’ve heard similar reactions from other buyers – having a home that appeals to a broad number of buyers in2011 leads to offers!  I confess, I see lots of bad staging – most that is done by non-professionals or sellers.  Want buyers to think your home is beautifully staged?

  • Avoid having a home look too “cheesy” when staging.  I don’t know many people that have trays with champagne glasses on their beds — this always looks odd to me.  Perhaps a laptop and a book!
  • Quality furnishing and decor give a quality look.  We don’t shop at used thrift shops and if you are staging, neither should you.
  • Don’t strip the home “bare” because it will appear too stark and not homey.
  • A Professional Home Stager’s consultation is affordable and can set you in the right direction so your home has the atmosphere it needs to get sold!

Want more ideas on how to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar? Margaret Oscilia is a Professional Home Stager serving Salem Oregon and surrounding areas who specializing in helping home sellers “stage to sell” or “re-design to live well”.

Moving or improving? Creative Concepts-Home Staging and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

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Dear Creative Concepts:

I’d appreciate some home staging advice.  After watching some additional home improvement shows yesterday, I’m wondering if  I am too bland in my approach to colors for the broader market?  I long ago accepted the concept of going with neutral colors, but many of the television designers seem to consider some pretty bold colors as “neutral colors”.

I would welcome your suggestions before I get too far along.


Too Bland Bill

Dear Bill:

This is a great question!  First there are style and color differences based on geographic areas. Since your home is in Corvallis Oregon and the television shows are produced in larger metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or New York, some styles and ideas are too contemporary for the average Corvallis home.

Secondly, consider the style of the home. If your home was a modern condo or had a contemporary style, some bolder colors would be appropriate for the style of home, and home buyers would welcome bolder colors.  Homes with vaulted ceilings and large rooms can show off bolder colors well.  Even so, I would stay away from colors that are so unique and stylized that they won’t be enjoyed by the general buyer.  I know a home that had a black ceiling that was on the market for a really long time . . .

Third, consider your target buyer. For example, if it is a home in a retirement community, use lighter tones.  With a starter home, modern neutral colors will be a fresh difference  from what we fondly call “builder beige”.

Finally, choose a color and tone that harmonizes with your existing wood, carpet or tile surfaces. People may think that all neutral paints are similar, but each has an undertone — from pink to gray — and choosing the wrong one can get you off on the wrong note!  Take the time to get large paper samples  or buy a sample of paint and paint a large area to make sure the tone is perfect.

Some great neutrals we recommend frequently are from Sherwin Williams. We can have large paint samples mailed to your home.  Here’s some of my personal favs:

SW6106 – Kilm Beige – a nice warm wall color – safe if you are afraid of going to bold, but gives a nice contrast with white trim

SW6108 – Latte – a bolder beige – one of Sherwin Williams top sellers

SW6127 – Ivoire – a nice rich yellowy beige – sunny and warm  (Blonde is just a bit darker in this and I love it as well!)

SW6169 – Sedate Gray – a sagey greenish gray

The right paint color helps coordinate your flooring, trim and architecture and create a beautiful background for your furnishing and decor.  These neutrals provide a wonderful palette  — and would never be considered boring.

We’ve got these paint samples and more coming your way (nice 8×11 samples – not the tiny chips).  Choosing the right color the first time is a time and money saver.  (I still have painful memories of when we had our first house painted . . . pinky beige — hated it even after we sold the house!)

We provide paint color consultations throughout the Salem, Albany and Corvallis areas.  Make sure when you’re choosing paint, it creates a warm, inviting and beautiful environment.  Paint has incredible power – and never needs to be boring!

Moving or improving? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

Yes – this is a real email we’ve received!  If you have a question, please send us an email at or give us a call at 503-881-0886.

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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Recently our staging company was contacted by the listing agent to submit ideas to an out of state owner.  Why was their home not selling?  It had been on the market with no offers and was in a beautiful location.  When we visited we found:

When a home is vacant and has an awkward floor plan--its hard for buyers to visualize

  • unfinished maintenance projects
  • an awkward floor plan
  • laminate, tile and white walls, all that felt very cold when vacant

We gave the owner a prioritized list of repairs and updates needed.  Often when selling a home, the budget may not allow for everything to be put into perfect, tip top condition.  Evaluating which repairs should be done that will have a strong impact on home buyers is important. We look for improvements that give sellers a “big bang for their buck”.

We also gave the home seller a staging proposal that would give a purpose to each room, and show buyers how this home would be perfect for them.

Sub-contractors were hired and with a small investment many updating projects were completed.  The entire home was staged and the listing agent held a broker open house.  We loved seeing the reactions of agents who had seen the home before its transformation!  They were amazed at how minor improvements and staging had made this home marketable!

These agents were impressed  how well this listing would show to their buyers.  Within two days an offer was received and a backup offer received shortly after.

Cold tile, dated paneling gave buyers a bad impression

Curtains, rug and cute decor showed off this room beautifully!

Painted floor and built in desk gave buyers a poor impression

Once staged this space became an enviable bedroom!

The too narrow family room

Now looks like a perfect spot to relax!

Space with a wood stove in the middle and a walk through to bedrooms looked like wasted square footage

Showing buyers the potential of each room is key to obtaining a sale!

Living room with four door ways in it made visualizing furniture arrangement difficult

Once staged, furniture placement wasn't an issue and buyers could focus on the home's features

Homes that linger on the market are vulnerable to low ball offers and frequently agents and sellers feel the only remedy is a significant price reduction.  Before reducing the price on a unsellable home, contact a professional home stager.  We frequently recommend a combination of a few repairs, home staging and sometimes a small price reduction to turn the unsellable home into the home that receives attention.

This home that lingered for months, was no longer unsellable and resulted in a delighted home seller and agent when it sold in two days!

We love being part of the solution in getting homes sold in Salem Oregon and surrounding areas.  Our mission is to educate home sellers on the importance of preparing to sell and obtain great results!

Moving or improving? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.  Contact us for more information on how to transform that unsellable home into SOLD at 503-881-0886.

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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When tour sheets come out, I know many agents scan the addresses and say – “I’ve seen this house before” — and cross it off the list of potential properties to view.  This week I hope Corvallis agents will give these two properties a peak!

1745 NW Lewisburg

This is a beautiful small acreage –

and the house has a new look!

This home was hard to visualize when it was vacant – but once staged shows  buyers all the potential this home holds!

It recently had some updating performed and is fully staged.

Carla Allen of Re/Max will have coffee and treats ready and waiting for you at 9:30!

Wondering how staging works or if it is something you should suggest to your clients?

Come talk with Carla about her experience on this listing.

I’ll be stopping by too between 10 to 11.

Another home on tour this week is located at 530 Fawn Lane, Philomath.

living room before staging

That address will sound familiar to many as it was the model home for Starlight Village!

It’s a beautiful home with a fabulous view.

This homeowner was recommended to hire us for a “redesign” by Kelli Rhyanne Bartley of Keller Williams.

We helped them declutter, and using their own furniture and decor, staged the home.

Just a few added pieces from our rental inventory and this house looks fantastic.

master bedroom before home staging

I don’t know an agent who hasn’t had listings that looked a little “too lived in” and needed help decluttering and depersonalizing!

I hope you’ll come by and chat with Kelli about her experience on recommending staging services for this occupied home.

I hear rumors of asparagus lasagna and salad for lunch at 11:30 too!

I’ll be stopping by to here too from noon to 1:00!

Hopefully the lasagna won’t all be gone by then!

If you aren’t able to see these home tomorrow, I hope you’ll take the time to tour them soon!

Moving or improving in Oregon? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.  What can we do to help you today?

Contact Margaret Oscilia at 503-881-0886!

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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master bath beforeQuick – what’s the first impression you have from these photos?

– mauve?

– dated?

ho hum?

– needs a face-lift?

master bath beforeUnfortunately, that’s what many home buyers think when viewing a home that has tile or features that are not currently in style or that they can’t imagine in a contemporary decorating scheme.

When showing a home for sale, its so important to create a desirable image for each space – an image that buyers will fall in love with and remember after viewing other homes.

This bathroom is actually in fantastic condition, spacious and in a beautiful high-end home. Unfortunately the “mauve” colors were discouraging to buyers and the owners did not want to make updates. Buyers couldn’t see this space as a selling feature, even though the sellers had “staged” and it was spotlessly clean.

The challenge for Creative Concepts and Contracting was to affordably present this space as contemporary and inviting, placing a focus on the positive (spacious, great views, high quality) and one that new owners could enjoy without doing a major update. What will buyers remember? The mauve – or that it looked marvelous?

staging maximizes appealLime green is a popular color choice and by bringing in lime and black, the room now appears contemporary and desirable. Decor in proportion to the space and updated art contributed to the overall appeal.

The feedback is no longer about the mauve . . . it’s about how marvelous this room is! People who had viewed the room previously and found it unattractive were now impressed and convinced they would enjoy this space – without a remodel!  master bath 2 6-26

The master bedroom also features lime/black/pink and the whole look is contemporary and stylish!

This home that had been on the market for over a year sold quickly once professional staging was done to not only this room, but the entire home.

Want to create a memorable impression – and a impressive and marvelous one?  Professional home staging offers affordable and creative ideas for updating rooms without remodeling.

Creative Concepts and Contracting specializes in maximizing potential in vacant and occupied homes! Let us help you create a home to “fall in love with”! Contact us for the statistics of staged homes selling this year in Oregon – the statistics are impressive!

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home buying in Corvallis Oregon

Corvallis Oregon-a great place to buy a home!

Wondering what home prices will be in ten years as you are considering purchasing a home this year?  Has the market hit bottom and is now a good time to buy?

Home prices in these 10 U.S. cities will appreciate handsomely over the next decade per US News and World Report’s article .

Here’s the projected average annual percent change in home prices from the fourth quarter of 2008 to the fourth quarter of 2018:

  1. Bremerton-Silverdale, Wash.: 5.22 percent
  2. Glens Falls, N.Y: 4.71 percent
  3. Fort Collins-Loveland, Colo.: 4.06 percent
  4. Corvallis, Ore.: 3.95 percent
  5. Anchorage, Alaska: 3.8 percent
  6. Duluth, Minn.: 3.74 percent
  7. Sandusky, Ohio: 3.66 percent
  8. Santa Fee, N.M: 3.57 percent
  9. Pittsfield, Mass.: 3.51 percent
  10. Decatur, Ill.: 3.44 percent

With consumer confidence lower than in prior years, it reassuring to know that Corvallis Oregon home prices should increase an average of 4 percent annually over the next 10 years.

Creative Concepts and Contracting provides professional home staging services for Salem Oregon and surrounding areas (including Corvallis). Staging is the competitive advantage that can set your home apart – contact us at 503-881-0886 for more information!