No Clutter Gift Giving Ideas

Please Santa - No clutter gifts only under the tree!

You’ve all had these type of bombs drop into your hands.

  • Gifts you didn’t need
  • didn’t want
  • Clothes that were wrong/ill fitting/etc
  • Perfume that smelled like it was from the 80’s
  • “Special” decorating items – (where should I hang this Big Mouth Billing the Singing Bass?)

You’ve probably given a few of these gifts too.

Like the plate of goodies to the diabetic, wine to the neighbor who is going to AA, or stuff that simply clutters up peoples lives.

We give gifts to make others feel special, they keep it because it was from someone special . . . no wonder most of us bemoan of too much “stuff”!

We hate clutter and while those slippers might be adorable – I already have three pairs – please don’t buy them for me!

Now I’m no grinch and love to give — but want to give something they will love — long after the gift wrap is tossed!

Here’s some quick, easy and no-clutter gifts ideas!

  • prepaid car wash card
  • tickets to an event – a movie, concert, dinner theatre, comedy show
  • Specialty things they can use up and don’t normally splurge for – specialty teas, coffees, wines
  • Donation to a local charity in their name
  • Gift certificate for a massage, manicure, pedicure
  • Organizing services – who doesn’t want to start 2011 with a fresh start?

Of course these are  my top favorites!  We have lots of clients booking these home improving services with us for 2011 — What a fun way to start the year with a fresh clean house, or a room that looks all new (with things you already own)!

The gift of cleaning (one time special cleaning or on a regular service) – sparkling clean with no sweat is DIVINE!

Interior Redesign Home Makeover – Make a home or room a tv star!  Create a fresh look for a room or the entire house using your existing furnishings and decor.  What a great idea to get a fresh start on 2011!

Color & Paint Consultations – Painting a room provides a huge impact for low dollar – if it is the perfect color! Paint it the right color the first time!

Make sure your gifts are loved far into 2011 and not tossed out with the fruitcake!  For more of  services click here. We also work with top notch contractors and service providers so love to give you referrals to experts you can trust!

Margaret Oscilia is a Professional Home Stager serving Salem Oregon and surround areas who specializing in helping home sellers maximize their equity when preparing to sell.  Moving or improving? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

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