Transformations via Paint!

Paint colors make the mood

Paint colors make the mood!

Paint! – one of the most affordable things you can do to change a room. Most of the time it misses the mark – doesn’t make the biggest impact possible.

THE perfect color and shade make all the difference. 

What do you think about YOUR paint colors?

We painted our dining room recently (it was white!).  Every time I sit down the I think “I LOVE how this room feels“!  Everything else is the same – only the wall color has changed.

I’ve been working with a senior who had moved to a senior assisted living center.  It’s been a rough adjustment period — it doesn’t “feel like home”. Last week the walls were painted a warm yellowy beige and compact sofa arrived.  Now she’s all smiles — “It’s starting to feel so warm and perhaps I can belong here”.

Also worked this week with home buyers providing a paint color consultation. They didn’t make an offer at first on this house because they didn’t like the paint colors and “atmosphere”.  It was out of the question until they saw modified photos which portrayed the home with a different “tone”.  They “fell in love” with the house and are moving in next week  (after it’s repainted).

If you don’t LOVE the colors of your spaces it’s time to make a change. Choose the colors that make your rooms sing and help orchestrate an atmosphere that brings you joy.

Margaret Oscilia is a Professional Home Stager serving Salem Oregon and surrounding areas who specializing in helping home sellers stage to sell or re-design to live well.  Moving or improving? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

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Master bedroom before staging consultationI loved the brain teasers “What’s missing?” as a kid.  There would be two pictures of the same scene, only tiny modifications would have been made to the second photo.  Some so small that they were really hard to see.

Maybe that’s what started my home staging training . . . seeing what little things should be changed to make things rooms look more appealing.

See anything different between these two pictures?   Compare and think about:

  • How each picture makes you feel about the room?
  • Your first impression of the occupants or when the home was built?
  • Which one do you want to spend more time in?

Master bedroom after home staging consultation

We’re here to help you create a home that

makes you smile when you walk in the door
a house that is appealing to buyers!!

Margaret Oscilia is partner and a Professional Home Stager with Creative Concepts – Home Staging and Contracting which offers home staging and interior design services throughout the Salem, Albany and Corvallis areas. Creating beautiful spaces to come home to, and winning strategies for home sellers is their specialty! 503-881-0886

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One rewarding aspect of our business and blog is that people actually read what we write and take our advice!  Wow! (As a mom of 5 my advice at home isn’t always appreciated as you can imagine.)

Just had to share the pics one of our readers sent to us last week!

She’s been reading our blog and knows how I feel about broadway lights!


Broadway lights do not speak "elegance and style"


Here is her before photo of the vanity area.

The light bar was over 5′ long!

Don’t you love all the little sample containers on the counter top and the image in the mirror of the test paint patches!  (Looks like fun to me!)

(We can have 8×11 color samples mailed to our clients at no charge – takes about a week.)


New light fixture and paint


Emily painted a framed mirror which also gave a richer feel to the space.

She painted the room,

and updated the lighting with a contemporary sconce style fixture.


Tub area before updating


The window coverings were changed as well.


Tub after updating - AHHHH!


In pictures, the old bathroom paint color looks warm, but the new sage color gives it a whole new “restful retreat” spa image!

What a great view from the window too!

Thanks for sharing your pictures Em!

Creating a beautiful space you love to come home to is SO rewarding!

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Margaret Oscilia, Home Stager and Redesign Specialist of Creative Concepts – Home Staging and Contracting provides interior design and staging services throughout Oregon.

Home Selling? That faux has got to go!

Last week a local blog (Desperately Seeking Salem) advised:

“you will want to read this local business’s excellent blog about what it does to make messes into eye candy.”

Neutral colors appeal to home buyers

Eye candy . . . mmmmmm.  I like it!

While it’s not a description I’ve ever used when describing interior design or home staging ideas, I think it’s a perfect description of our business!

If you’re wanting to:

create a home that makes you smile when you enter the door


a house that is appealing to buyers,

changing those messes into eye candy can be easy and affordable!  It’s just knowing how and what to improve – and that’s our speciality!  This recently staged home is a perfect example.

This above faux paint job screamed 1990 when you walked into this beautiful master suite.  Painted over by the owners for less than $20, a few colorful towels and decor — now it looks like an asset, not a “to do” project.

When choosing wall colors, always take into consideration the flooring color!

In the great room, the wall color was beautiful, the flooring neutral, but these two colors did not go well together.

Especially a problem when the room is vacant because it gives buyers the feeling of “why doesn’t this home say welcome”?

Ever enter a room and it just doesn’t “feel” right?

Furniture and decor adds warmth to vacant rooms

By adding some contemporary decor and furniture, the focus was now on how the space could be used! The room now was warm and inviting from the first impression.

This home was on the market for about a year and a half before we were called for a staging consultation.

Located in Albany, Oregon where the average days on market are 142 and 11 months of inventory are currently listed, the odds were against this home in getting a quick sale – even if the owners implemented each of our recommendations.

We met and armed them with a detailed “to do” list, which they implemented within a week.  We the returned, providing a basic home staging package of furniture and decor.

An offer was received in two days.

It’s always hard to resist candy — even if it is just eye candy!

What can you do to make your space irresistible?

Maximizing every home’s potential within the home owner’s budget is always the goal of Creative Concepts – Home Staging and Contracting.  Margaret Oscilia, Professional Home Stager, specializes in redesigning spaces and preparing homes to sell. 

Call me crazy, but I love to paint.  Huge transformation – low $$$ — right up my alley! Is it just me or is paint getting more and more expensive – yikes!  $45 for a gallon of paint?  Really?

When buying painting is buying the better quality product line important?

Ask any professional painter and you won’t find them using a bottom of the line paint.

Just to do a little “test” this past week we bought some Sherwin Williams Super Paint – Superior Application and One-Coat Hide.

Bathroom Before Painting

If you’re doing a “test”, you may as well push it right?  Our plan was to paint over this bathroom (currently a very white-blue) with a dark dusky purple . . .

Looks good going on - but what about when it dries?

Superior paint - Superior Results! Well worth the $$!

It went on beautifully – no drips or splatters.  But what about when it dries?  Any white specks shining through?

I had to do a little touch up with the brush here and there where I had a few brush strokes, but the one coat coverage was amazing.

This is actually my own bathroom, which I had painted before.  I was really surprised at how little paint I used this time.  The first time I painted it it took over a gallon.  This time – less than one half of a gallon.  Why?  I didn’t have to do two coats and the coverage was so much better!

If you value your time (one coat versus two),

and value your money (buying less paint),

using top quality paint is definitely worth the investment!

(It’s still okay if you want to buy cheap paint, do two coats, spend more time and buy twice as much paint . . . just be sure to get a beautiful color!)

Happy Painting!

About the Author:  Margaret Oscilia, Professional Home Stager and Redesign Specialist of Creative Concepts- Staging and Contracting offers real estate staging tips, interior design ideas and more through her blog.  Creating spaces people love to come home to (while maximizing a budget and stretching your time).

When it comes to selling your home, that custom faux paint job may not be a selling point! Keep in mind:

  • Was it done more than 10 years ago?
  • Is it a bold color or pattern?
  • Is it something you customized “especially” for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, that faux paint job will be a “foe” when it comes to attracting potential buyers!

Now I’m sure this home seller loved this stenciled paint job, but doesn’t this space feel peaceful and appealing now that it has been repainted?

I’ve seen homes with expensive murals, sponge painting, rag rolling and 80% of the time, these special finishes will not be appealing to a broad number of potential home buyers.

So take a picture of that beautiful wall you labored over.  If you want to get the quickest sale possible, make sure there’s no “faux” lurking at your home!

Margaret Oscilia, Home Staging Professional with Creative Concepts and Contracting provides staging and paint color consultations in Albany, Corvallis, Salem and surrounding Oregon cities.  With two warehouses of staging furniture and decor at their disposal, Creative Concepts helps create the look that people love to come home to!

While home selling is serious business, having a real estate stager on your team can help you prepare to sell quicker and with less stress.  How can we help you today?  503-881-0886

Dear Creative Concepts:

Is it worth the money to buy “high hiding” primer or just do an extra coat or paint when painting over bold colors?


Dreading to Paint

Dear Dreading:

I totally understand how you feel!  I’ve hesitated in the past to purchase a “special” primer — but know that using paint primers can:

  • reduce surface preparation
  • improve coverage
  • block stains
  • prevent peeling
  • and make topcoating faster!

Surfaces that are properly primed will attain the truest paint color in fewer coats.

Hmmm — but is it REALLY worth the $$?  (I hate wasting time, but really hate wasting our clients money too!)  I just finished a project and have to say emphatically YES!

Here’s a pic of this wall before

— a dark eggplant color.

Dreaded painting over this one!

(Yes  – this is the same fireplace, we did have the bricks refaced which is an entirely new wonderful story!)

I ordered high hiding primer in 70% of my new wall color (Sherwin Williams Basket Beige).

When we painted I could not believe that it covered almost entirely with just the primer coat!

Must confess that I’ve been a hard head and painted three coats over a beautiful red room before and could still see the red tone through the paint – aarrrggg!

So yes – I’m sold on using the right primer and making the job quick and easy.

Another tip – go to a paint store – not the big box store.  I LOVE the  fact that the experts at our local paint stores do this ALL DAY every day.  They know their stuff and are more than willing to share their knowledge!

As home stagers, we provide paint color consultations throughout the Salem, Albany and Corvallis areas.  When going to the effort to paint, make sure it creates a warm, inviting and beautiful environment.  Paint has incredible power – and can create an atmosphere you love!

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Moving or improving? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.  Contact us at 503-881-0886!

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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