Sparkling Clean!

Often some of the pesky little cleaning issues creep up on us and when it’s time to make sure our home is ready for a big event or put on the market for sale we finally notice that things aren’t as perfect as they should be!

One item our Oregon home staging company finds often is overlooked, even in the most spotless homes, is keeping the grout well sealed and cleaned.  The new sealers are greatly improved over what was available a few years ago (some touting a 15 year guarantee or more).  If your grout looks good we recommend cleaning it and resealing it so it stays this way (save yourself a ton of work)!

If the grout lines look grungy, this is a job that can seem overwhelming.  (I’ll confess – this is a job I do not want to do myself!)

Recently we had VS Restoration take care of a home that had a fabulous kitchen, but the dirty grout was distracting from it’s great look. cleaning grout makes a huge improvementHere’s the before and after of what they accomplished!

I think the difference is amazing.  This home is for sale, and now home buyers will notice the beautiful kitchen – not wonder how long it will take to get the floor to look good!

Our clients receive a 15% discount on services from VS Restoration!!!

They specialize in carpet, upholstery and grout cleaning and offer years of experience so you will feel confident when trusting them with your cleaning needs.  Contact them at 541-979-2525!

kitchen staged by Creative Concepts - Home Staging and Contracting

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Don’t you LOVE a sparkling clean home?!

Cleaning  services Salem OregonI confess – I can find a zillion things I’d rather do than clean my house.

I love sparkling clean.

I hate the work it takes to get that way.

There just isn’t enough time to be the design and decorating diva and the queen of clean too so I cheat – I hire the queen of clean!

Our best kept cleaning secret . . . New Creations Home Services!  We’ve trusted them to clean our home, our staged model houses and vacant homes before staging.  100% of the clients we’ve referred (and its a lot of clients) them to have RAVED about their services and how New Creations exceeded their expectations – whether it was a one time job or a weekly service.  And they use environmental friendly cleaning products too!cleaning services in Salem Oregon

Give yourself (or your favorite someone) the gift of clean this week!

Will make you more relaxed than a day at the spa . . .

and. . .

give you more time for holiday fun!

Here’s the scoop:

  • Too busy to clean during the holiday season?
  • Need a trustworthy cleaning service on a regular basis?
  • Have a large cleaning job you want to tackle (but just can’t get started)?
  • Wondering what to buy that person who has everything?

New Creations Home Services helps you ease the

stress of the holiday season.

New Creations Home Services offers one time cleaning, or regularly scheduled cleanings.  Make sure your home will looks fabulous for all of your holiday entertaining.  Or “Give the Gift of Clean” this holiday season.  Gift certificates available in the amount of your choice.

Reasonable rates.  References upon request.

Contact: Judy Klassen at 503-409-1087 or

We’re so confident that you’ll be pleased with their services we’ll double your dirt back!  Opps!  Just seeing if anyone was still reading!  Call them today and add some sparkle to your day!

Margaret Oscilia, Professional Home Stager with Creative Concepts – Home Staging and Contracting offers home staging and interior re-design services throughout the Salem, Albany and Corvallis areas. Creating beautiful spaces to come home to, and winning strategies for home sellers is their specialty! 503-881-0886

We use an extra large Swiffer when cleaning wood/vinyl floors in vacant homes.  It covers a lot of space quickly but I hate it when I buy the Swiffer refills for it — they are about a dollar a piece, and adding more to the trash.  We’re always trying to think of way to recycle and reuse items, and hate how we can burn through a box of dusting cloths!

Here’s some clever ideas on how to beat the cost of buying replacement Swiffer cloths and creating a reusable cover.

  • Knitted (cotton or wool yard appears to pick up dust the best)
  • Fabric scraps (I can see flannel or fleece working well)
  • Socks with holes in them

This link has tons of ideas!

I’m out of covers right now so think I’ll sew a couple and see how they do.

I just love ideas that incorporate saving money and reducing what heads to the landfills too!  Couldn’t resist in passing along this tip!

Selling or improving your Oregon home? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.  What can we do to help you today? Contact Margaret Oscilia at 503-881-0886!

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We visit several homes each week, giving advice on how homeowners can best prepare their homes for a quicker sale.  One thing we are seeing at nearly all these homes is too much green!

No, the houses aren’t environmentally friendly or painted green . . . but the all have way too much moss and algae!

Yes — we love living in our green Oregon!  BUT — when putting your home on the market, make sure you remove the green so you can make more green($$$)!!

When potential home buyers approach a home and see siding with grunge, gutters with stains and walkways with moss what do they think??

  • It’s been a wet winter?
  • How natural?
  • Poorly maintained?

You’re right — they will automatically get a poor impression before they’ve even stepped in the house!

I’ve heard every excuse – I don’t want to pressure wash!  I’m afraid the plants may be damaged by cleaning agents!  It’s cold outside – I’ll do it in a few months!

Trust me — it is worth doing, and worth doing now.  How?

I’m so glad you asked — I wish I had stock in this company.  30 Second Cleaner.

The first time we saw 30 Second Cleaner used (I thought our neighbor must be crazy) I could not believe the results.  Those stains that you think will have to be painted over probably will be removed just by spraying on this product and rinsing with a garden hose.    It’s a product we recommend frequently with tremendous success.

Roofs . . . don’t you just hate it when the green starts peaking out between the shingles? 

Every home buyer is going to be suspect of your roof condition when they see moss on the roof!  Here’s an excellent  write up on removing moss and algae from roofs if you are a do it yourselfer.  There are also local companies that specialize in moss removal.  (Need a referral –  just give us a call.)

I’ve blogged (okay harped) about gutters before and how important it is to keep them clean and well maintained.  So if your gutters need a little attention zip over and read that blog as well to get some inspiration.

So Oregon home sellers, or home sellers to be — get rid the moss and muck from your homes exterior.  It’s an important component of curb appeal and helping you get top dollar for your home!

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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About the author:

Margaret Oscilia, founder of Creative Concepts and Contracting, has a proven track record of transforming ho hum homes to sought after listings which receive multiple offers – yes even in 2010! Oscilia’s personal experience and  top notch training give her a unique edge on the competition.  Her practical  approach and affordable ideas for home owners has this Oregon home staging business receiving rave reviews from home sellers and real estate agents!

Have a beautiful but dirty chandelier?

Light fixtures can be a focal point and beautiful feature for a dining room, but when dusty and spotted, they are a eyesore not a selling feature! Cleaning a chandelier can be a chore if each crystal is removed, cleaned and replaced. We’ve used this cleaning product in homes with great success and recommend it!

chandelier cleaner

Cover the area below the chandelier. how to clean a chandelier

Using a duster, remove cobwebs and excessive dust.

Turn off the lights before spraying and be sure bulbs are cool.

Spray well with the cleaner — allowing it to drip on the towels beneath the fixture.

Leaves chandeliers amazingly clean and sparkling! Its a great product and time saver!

Creative Concepts and Contracting provides quality home staging and contracting services for Salem Oregon and surrounding areas. By knowing the HOW to get things done easier, our clients prepare to sell quickly and effectively! Contact us for information on preparing your home for a quicker sale at 503-881-0886!

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We love to focus on the positive and great businesses in our community — especially those who continue to make the Willamette Valley a wonderful place to live. One such business that caught our eye this week is Let It Shine Cleaning.

Let it shine

Let it Shine Cleaning has joined a non profit organization that offers free professional housecleaning services to women undergoing cancer treatment.

What an amazing offer and what a blessing to those who will benefit from their care and expertise!

When reviewing what Let it Shine Cleaning website, I was impressed that not only are they licensed and bonded, but that each cleaning team consists of two uniformed employees for every job. They don’t just say you’ll be happy–they guarantee it! If you are ever dissatisfied with any area that they have cleaned, they will return that same day and rectify the problem.

They offer attention to detail through a systematic method for cleaning assuring that the end result of your home cleaning will be nothing short of flawless execution – a 52-Point Cleaning!

We think this is an incredible example of extending their expertise to help those in need in our community and wish to encourage you to visit their website or contact their owner, Carol Leek at 503.930.2446.

Professional home staging

Creative Concepts and Contracting is a licensed and bonded home staging and contracting company in Salem Oregon, serving the Willamette Valley areas. We specialize in vacant and occupied home staging, staging consultations, updating and inspection repairs. Contact us at 503-881-0886 for information on how to sell your home quicker and for more money in a buyer’s market – we continue see success in 2009!

I confess – I don’t like to clean.  I love to make things beautiful and I like things clean, but to me cleaning isn’t fun. My latest little secret is that when I’m cleaning I’m thinking about a spa!  Think that cleaning and spending a relaxing time in a spa are similar is crazy?  It’s true!  When is the last time you felt inspired or invigorated spraying a cleaner?  It’s time to put some inspiration and joy into our routine!

Why do we love walking into a luxurious hotel or spa?  Because it is so nicely decorated and so spotlessly clean, right?  Well this cleaning line not only cleans, has beautiful containers but smells incredible! I find that once I start cleaning I’m looking for things to clean just so I can see how great it works and how good it makes the room smell!  If I’m inspired to clean I’m certainly recommending them to my clients as well!

I love love love the cleaning product I’ve been using from Caldrea. It is the Countertop Cleanser in Ginger Pomelo.  cleaning products you'll loveEach time I use it the wonderful scent reminds me of a lotion I received from a swanky hotel in California – delicious!

They have seasonal scents as well and “From relaxing herbal to energizing citrus, these distinctive fragrances bring luxury to every household task.”

Caldrea Countertop Cleanser is safe and effective on all non-porous surfaces.  Since I was so thrilled with this product, I had to check out their website and see what other items they had available!  Loved the opening line on their website that said “We believe that luxury and utility are perfectly compatible, so every product is made to perform beautifully.” Guess I’m not the only one that feels luxurious using these products!

So many of my friends will especially love the fact that this is that it is a environmentally friendly product line.  Their tag line is “Beautifully clean – Elegantly green”!

green cleaning productsI’m going to give myself a treat and get their window cleaner – maybe I’ll like cleaning them better without the ammonia smell!

The countertop cleanser was purchased at Pomagrantes in Silverton and you can check here for a local store that carries their product line.  In addition to cleaning products they have a variety of laundry, baby, skin and cleaning tools that look interesting.  I can imagine how great their dryer sheets must make clothes smell!

Maybe it’s time to have a spa day here at my house.  Think my friends may be disappointed if I invite them over for a “spa experience” and we clean using these products? I’ll have to work on this idea!

home staging business in Oregon

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