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Looking to get the most money for your home in 2011?

Experts say it boils down to two key points.  When selling your home there are only two elements you can control – price and presentation.

If you don’t want to keep lowering the price, a home must speak volumes of value and have a fabulous presentation.  Staging adds perceived value and provides the atmosphere home sellers are looking for when they want to invest in a property to call home.  In 2010, over and over again our staged home sold for more money and quicker than the competition.  Homes that had been on the market for over a year were staged and sold successfully.

But What do Real Estate Agents Say? This isn’t something that only we’ve experienced in 2010 – it’s being echoed by real estate agents and business experts alike.  AOL Real Estate’s What Works NOW recently released this video which echoes what other professionals are advising home sellers in 2011.

PRICING: Price for exactly what your home is worth from the start – a home that is overpriced will sell for less as it becomes subject to price reductions as it lingers on the market.

PRESENTATION: To sell successfully in 2011, homes will have to look much better than the competing neighbors’ properties. This video recommends making repairs and inexpensive upgrades and home staging.

Home Selling in 2011 will continue to be a price war and a beauty contest.  Our tag line  is You can’t change market conditions or your location, but we can help you change the presentation of your home.” The professionally staged home stands out when viewed online and in person.

Staging costs less than most home sellers might guess – with consultations starting at $100, real estate professionals agree that hiring a home stager from the start and entering the market ready for the competition is a wise choice.

Staging is what your competition is doing.  In the past few weeks our company been approached by more real estate professionals than ever before — asking us about what our staging services entail and incorporating it into their 2011 plans.  As one agent said “I can’t afford to take a listing that won’t work with a home stager.  These listings sell so slowly or not at all — the marketing costs become too high.   I tell my sellers stage it or lower the price – there isn’t another option.”

If you are selling your home in 2011 — you can’t change the market, the competition or your location.  You CAN create a better presentation and therefore command a better price. A home selling strategy that will get your home sold in 2011!

Margaret Oscilia is a Professional Home Stager serving Salem Oregon and surrounding areas who specializing in helping home sellers stage to sell or re-design to live well.  Moving or improving? Creative Concepts and Contracting has the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

Professional Home Staging – Reliable Contractor Repairs – Beautiful Results!

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