At our warehouse, we have a wall of pillows  — sorted usually by color and crammed into our racking by our skilled associate, Judy Klassen.  Judy is organizer extraordinnaire and I would post a photo, but I made a mess of them yesterday pulling inventory for a job and she would not be happy to have you see it!

But back to my point!  I LOVE pillows and the magic they bring to your couch! Since we have a WALL of them in every color imaginable, I should limit myself from buying any more – but I just couldn’t resist these cuties I bought this week!

Isn’t it SO CUTE!  Got it for only $15 too!

Now why, is this woman getting so excited over a pillow?

A few great pillows can make magic happen on your sofa! A few super pillows and presto — great sofas look even better, and if your sofa isn’t new–they can look great! Pillows add warmth, texture and atmosphere to a room – and so inexpensively!  We love great looks on the cheap – don’t you?

These pillows were $50 on — love them too –

but not the price tag!

When shopping for pillows, you need at least 3 for the couch and some coordinating ones for your chairs.  Less than 3 looks  s-k-i-m-p-y —  trust me.

Pillows with a bold pattern, geometric or a kick of color can make the most neutral and dull sofa come to life!

I work with clients every day who are preparing their homes for sale — often who have VERY sorry sofas!  Here’s my secret for a stylish look.

  • Add color (or hide problems) with a neatly folded, nicely contrasting throw.  The “flung over the back or arm” look is out – neatly folded only please!  (I love the nubby ones with lots of texture and don’t do this is the heat of summer.)
  • Have up to five darling pillows on the sofa — I know some interior designers like them squared off like little soldiers . . . I like them angled into the corners.  To me looks a little more comfy. I usually use three or four.

Sounds too easy?  Wonder which pillows to combine or how to buy the perfect ones?  That’s why you need to call me!

About the Author:  Margaret Oscilia, RESA-PRO home stager of Creative Concepts and Contracting specializes in creating “Va-voom” for rooms! Her team provides home staging and interior re-design services throughout Salem Oregon and surrounding cities with two warehouses of decor and furniture available for home staging rental.

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