Following is a great article from a home builder who has seen all types of markets and situations. We haven’t had experience with thousands of sales like he has, but we too continue to be amazed at how staging makes well laid out homes warm and wonderful and awkward floor plans “work”.   This winter has been no exception – with staged houses selling faster than their competition!

As a former home builder with 40 years experience, I can say without equivocation that professionally staged homes have a distinct advantage over non-staged homes. I can say this as I have had direct experience with the sales of thousands of homes during my career.

can I affort to have my home stagedWith several years in the corporate world of home building, I saw first hand the advantages of staged homes. That’s why ALL major home builders, including the ones for which I worked, had professionally decorated model homes in each neighborhood. And strangely, the model home plan was always the big seller in that neighborhood.

The simple reason for that is that buyers are attracted to homes that show well, that are tastefully decorated, and in which they can visualize living. Most buyers lack the ability to visualize a home with their furniture and accessories, so having the home appear “ready for living” is a distinct advantage.

In today’s difficult market, staging isn’t just helpful, it’s essential to achieving a sale at a reasonable price and within a reasonable time frame. In order to sell, a home MUST show better than its competition; and there’s much too much competition to ignore having a home professionally staged. And, while some feel that the lower prices being dictated by this market rule out the expense of staging, the opposite is true. Staging is usually less expensive than the alternative. Staged homes sell faster—meaning less time on the market and fewer mortgage payments and other expenses—and often command a higher price.

The ultimate goal for sellers is to attract buyers. Tastefully staged homes will do just that, allowing sellers to reap the dividends of a faster sale, and perhaps, more money at the closing table. The question is not, “Can I afford to have my home staged;” it is, “Can I afford not to?”

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Who in Salem, Albany and Corvallis Oregon are having their homes staged? Investors, home builders, flippers, young families and senior citizens — we’ve worked with all of them just this month.   As one senior told me – “I can’t afford to wait to see if my home sells – I need to take advantage of every strategy!”  He decided he couldn’t afford NOT to have his home staged!

Creative Concepts and Contracting is a professional home staging company serving Salem Oregon and surrounding areas — helping homeowners create beautiful homes to live in or to sell quickly!  They have the expertise to showcase your home’s full potential, stretch your budget, and maximize your time.

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