P1070105 If your house is listed for sale should you decorate for the holiday season?

Should you put up a Christmas tree?

For most families it wouldn’t be Christmas without a huge Christmas tree with lots of packages beneath it — encroaching on much of the living room.   But it isn’t what potential buyers are wanting to see.

Your home during the holiday season should be inviting and festive – with limited decorations.  We think there is a happy medium when thinking about tree trimming for a home for sale.

Here’s some tips to get you started!

  • Before bringing in the tree remove a chair, table or other non-essential furniture to another room or the garage.  Wall to wall furniture and a Christmas tree to boot is a no no!
  • When placing the tree, make sure the room has good traffic flow. Don’t let it interfere with walkways or block a room’s focal point.
  • Pick a slender shaped tree that takes up less room or a tree that can be placed on a table top.
  • A bounty of gifts under the tree may look joyous to children, but potential buyers may have a different point of view.  Have a beautiful tree skirt under the tree and limit gifts to a scattered few (if any) until the big day!
  • Get Scheming!  Decorate with a color scheme — it helps provide a sophisticated and coordinated look. Save the hodge podge of multicolored and family  ornaments with kid’s faces for next year in your new home.  Pick two or three colors for your tree and carry it through the holiday decorations throughout your home.
  • Light it up!  Is there a more welcoming sight than a beautiful Christmas tree lit up in a window or room? Use single colored strands of lights and add a timer so they come on at dusk.

December house hunters are serious ones.  Can you afford not appeal to each and every potential buyer?

Need more information about how to decorate your home for the holidays while it’s for sale or how staging can help set your home apart from others for sale?  For more ideas call Creative Concepts and Contracting at 503-881-0886.

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